About Us


Founded in 2007 and initially focused on business transformation consultancy in the UK, SAPREV is now an international service firm focused on providing world class strategic outsourcing solutions and technology transformation services for its clients in Information Technology and Engineering sector. Its revolutionary service – MyTeamOffshore® – represents the latest generation of strategic outsourcing solutions, providing strong and clear benefits over both the traditional third party outsource and the captive offshore centre models. SAPREV is backed by a management team that is objective, experienced and ruthlessly customer focused.


  Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Venkat Subramaniam founded Saprev in 2007 pulling together the other members of the team. He has 25 years of experience in the IT and BPO industry, 11 years of which were with Cognizant Technology Solutions. Venkat has helped organisations across EMEA with IT and Business Process Outsourcing, Engineering Design Services, Transformation programmes involving acquisitions and divestitures and Supplier procurement. Venkat had also lived in Germany for 3 years where he had established and managed strategic offshore outsourcing programmes.Multiple vacancies exists for a AngularJS developer in Hertfordshire. The successful candidate will join an existing agile development team building for exciting development programme.

Venkat has strong interest in philosophy and dedicates his personal time to charitable foundations. He also helps aspiring young entrepreneurs serving as a Chairman of Area Board and Business Advisor for Young Enterprise London programme. Venkat also serves as a Treasurer of Amnesty International Hillingdon Group.


  Saprev Corporate Culture

The corporate culture has been an important aspect in the shaping of the firm right from its founding. Despite its intangible nature, corporate culture affects the happiness and wellbeing of our employees, the effectiveness of business operations and ultimately the experince and satisfaction of clients. And we firmly believe that a positive culture offers significant competitive advantages over rivals which is why it features in our corporate strategy.

Our employees come from diverse social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with different personalities and experiences. These differences manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways, and we always try to take advantage of the power that such diversity develops. That said, this diversity is encouranged within the framework of a clear corporate vision and it is supported by corporate values and ethics consistent with the aims of the company.


  Corporate Social Responsibility

Saprev is both socially responsible and responsive. We know that advantages bring corresponding responsibilities and we continue to be an involved corporate body investing in the various communities local to our global operations. Our social focus is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families. Globally, we actively encourage volunteering in our employees and provide leave benefits for staff who are involved in volunteer work that strengthens local communities.

In the UK, a strong focus of our CSR programme is to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the younger generation through participation in various volunteering opportunities. Venkat Subramaniam, CEO of Saprev is an Area Board Member of Young Enterprise London and Business Advisor for Secondary School Company Programmes. We encourage volunteering in our employees to that strengthen local communities through entrepreneurship.