Apptour Mobile App

   AppTour Mobile App

sguide1-355Saprev’s interactive Mobile App for Museums, Art Galleries and similar institutions can display appropriate media content by automatic determination of location in the gallery or the park.

AppTour identifies your position and presents you with relevant information which can be in the form of multimedia clips, audio guides, article writeups, quiz, interactive games, discount coupons, or anything that is relevant to the context surrounding you.

AppTour will deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.



   Benefits of AppTour

Relevant data will stream to you automatically as if by magic, enabling the visitor to concentrate more on the attraction at hand.

You can set your profile, language for streaming.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Happier customers mean better ranking for your Attractions.

Visitors get to retain the content and can read them more leisurely at their home.

Ability to retain the customer’s information and keep in touch with them via email newsletters, WhatsApp campaigns.

Any form of multimedia content is supported including video, audio, photographic, textual, maps etc.

Can serve as route planner including current location on the map. This feature comes handy for indoor locations.

Interactive Maps

Share the information on the social media.

Write comments for any article presented.

User enabled feature to generate feed for social media about visitor’s location and sharing live media.

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