International Development

   Business Development Consulting

Our Consultancy Practice is focused on delivering a sound return on investment for our clients and where possible we work on a risk reward basis against tightly defined metrics. We work with our clients from whatever stage they are at, right through to the most appropriate conclusion, which is usually implementation. One of our core beliefs is that knowledge transfer is at the heart of a successful programme and we always help our clients to become self-sustaining as quickly as is sensible. At all times we are focused on outcomes above process. The customer experience is our key differentiator in the market and our value proposition is that we equip our clients with the insights, knowledge and expertise to gain the best advantage from whatever business objectives are in focus. By working with our clients we minimise the investment needed and ensure the best results in the shortest timeframe. This page hightlights our consultancy services related to revenue growth and customer experience.

   Transforming The Experience of Your Customers

We have spent a great number of years focusing on the benefits of service excellence and the impact of the customer experience. We believe that differentiation on the customer experience as we live more and more in a service economy is vital. The services we offer include:

  1. Strategic Review
  2. Experience versus Service
  3. Working with Suppliers and Distributors
  4. Gap Analysis
  5. Customer for Life
  6. Differentiation through the Customer Experience
   New Market Entry into Developing Markets

Using much of the experience and expertise gained with our offshoring experience, we can work with our clients to determine whether international expansion is appropriate, and how best, and where best, to achieve it. We bring our business planning expertise, rounded out by our Benefit Management skills and tools, to devise the best way forward, working with our clients to consider which markets are most appropriate, basing our recommendations on a wide variety of technical, competitive, financial, governmental and cultural factors. We can work with you from the first business initiative or join your team at any stage and have the contacts and networks to ensure success.