Chief Executive Officer – Venkat Subramaniam

venkat-34c-337Venkat founded Saprev in 2007 pulling together the other members of the team. He has 22 years of experience in the IT and BPO industry, 11 years of which were with Cognizant. Venkat has helped organisations across EMEA with IT and Business Process Outsourcing, Transformation programmes involving acquisitions and divestitures and Supplier procurement. Venkat had also lived in Germany for 3 years where he had established and managed strategic offshore outsourcing programmes.

Venkat has strong interest in philosophy and dedicates his personal time to charitable foundations. He also helps aspiring young entrepreneurs serving as a Chairman of Area Board and Business Advisor for Young Enterprise London programme. Venkat also serves as a Treasurer of Amnesty International Hillingdon Group.


   Director Germany – Dr Stephan Nagel

dr-stephan-nagel-887Dr Stephan Nagel joined Saprev in June 2012 as Director of German branch. Having run large Indo-German trade operations with an Indian partner, he decided to return to academic studies. His particular fields of research being religion and intercultural philosophy, he was a lecturer at the University of Frankfurt and the Technical University of Darmstadt. Simultaneously he advised Lufthansa and other internationally operating companies on intercultural understanding and communication and coached their staff. He is familiar with Indian, Oriental and Japanese cultures and mentality due to long stays and field studies in the respective areas. One of his business specialties is outsourcing and quality control process between European clients and Indian manufacturers.