My Team Offshore

   Establishing Your Offshore Team

Offshore outsourcing to a third party means letting go of the intimate care and control that has delivered success to your business today, and how do you know if you have really selected the right partner for this long term relationship? The alternative build decision means setting up your own captive operation in a remote geography, giving you the control you want but with all the expense, overheads and complexities of managing the physical premises and maintaining compliance with the local legal, employment and statutory financial regulations. Saprev offers a best-of-both alternative with its revolutionary MyTeamOffshore®

   Quick Start in an Offshore Location

Saprev’s flexible next generation outsourcing model is for customers who want to retain 100% control of the work that is moved offshore. This is where the MyTeamOffshore® service comes into play. This unique service model represents the lowest cost, lowest risk and fastest way of establishing your own internally managed offshore operation. It ensures that you have all the advantages of your own organization to deliver your core functions without the complexity, costs and risks usually associated with setting up a new company in a remote geography. We will advise you on the best Saprev offshore location for your particular needs, taking into account skills availability, geopolitical and economic drivers in India, Ireland, Central or Eastern Europe.

   The Key Benefits

– Team working your way
– Enabling offshore Agile
– No long term contracts
– Access to new markets
– Hand selected people
– Control of your I.P.
– Zero set-up costs
– Managed by you
– Total flexibility
– Lower cost


   How It Works

1. You specify the skill-sets, experience and capability of the resources required
2. Our global recruitment team presents short-listed candidates for consideration
3. You carry out your normal interview process as you would for UK candidates
4. Our offshore division hires the successful onto the Saprev offshore payroll
5. The team travels to the UK for knowledge transfer and relationship building
5. Our consultants work with you to design an effective onsite/offshore model
6. The team in placed in one of our world-class offshore high tech facilities
7. We manage the employment of the team; you direct and manage their work

   Why It Works

teams-rug-333Saprev’s MyTeamOffshore® service is beautifully simple and aligns itself to our customer’s standard recruitment processes, organisation roles, working methods and IT systems. There is therefore no clash of company cultures and ways of working to manage. The teams we build for our customers are literally an extension of the customer’s internal technology, business process or knowledge worker teams. We have access to a significant talent pool of highly qualified and experienced people, and we use the customer’s own internal benchmarks to ensure the right people constitute the offshore team.