The Saprev S-Prize 2018

Saprev the international business and technology consultancy launches S-Prize 2016 in conjunction with Universities. Entrepreneurial business and technology students, either individuals or as a team, are invited to enter a dragon’s den style competition for the chance to take their smart phone application business idea to the next level.

The Saprev S-Prize 2018 challenges Business and Technology University students to create a novel and commercially viable application for smart phones. This is your chance to take your entrepreneurial idea into the marketplace. Flex the entrepreneurial muscles you didn’t know you had. Do you have the next Uber in you? Find your passion for a smart phone application with untapped potential. Learn to develop the sort of ideas that can launch a business into existence. Along the way, you’ll partner with students whose skills complement yours, the type of people who come into your life for a semester and end up becoming your friends for a lifetime. Perhaps even business partners.


S-Prize Brief – click for the details