Saprev Culture

   Saprev Corporate Culture

The corporate culture has been an important aspect in the shaping of the firm right from its founding. Despite its intangible nature, corporate culture affects the happiness and wellbeing of our employees, the effectiveness of business operations and ultimately the experince and satisfaction of clients. And we firmly believe that a positive culture offers significant competitive advantages over rivals which is why it features in our corporate strategy.

Our employees come from diverse social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with different personalities and experiences. These differences manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways, and we always try to take advantage of the power that such diversity develops. That said, this diversity is encouranged within the framework of a clear corporate vision and it is supported by corporate values and ethics consistent with the aims of the company.

At Saprev we place a high value on employees at all levels and we promote extensive employee interaction across levels always treating employees equally and fairly. The culture is adaptable, adjusting to external conditions, but consistent. At its heart our culture is about empowerment. We like to give our employees clear goals, the responsibility for achieving those goals and freedom in how they achieve those goals.

We operate a relaxed culture and want people to enjoy their jobs, but the sense of responsibility and focus on empowerment drives commitment and professionalism. It also shapes our recruitment and retention policies. We find that proactive entrepreneurial self-starters flourish in our culture. We encourage our managers to hire people who are better than them, promoting teamwork, being open to new ideas and sharing success and rewards as a team.

And we also care about the communities in which we operate, actively encouraging our employees to volunteer to help out community groups. Take a look at our corporate social responsibility programs for more information.